Organisation wide Agile transfromation – We offer consulting services to leadership teams seeking to implement system wide Agile transformation. System Driven Transformation approach helps leadership teams articulate the Goal clearly and therefore the ROI of transformation efforts.

Organisation Development (OD) Consulting – We also work with organisations in areas other than Agile implementation that help them be more effective and efficient. We offer process facilitation, talent and performance management consulting, leadership development and executive coaching.


Agile coaching for teams – We provide coaching – process as well as technical coaching- for teams going through transformation to ensure that Agile as a methodology is implemented and goals of transformation are achieved.


Coach the Coach Program for Agile Coaches – We offer capability building programs for Agile coaches so they can be more effective in their roles. Coaches face difficulty in facilitating change using frameworks . This approach helps coaches to identify the right place for the challenges to be fixed, scope their work (goal clarification) and also choose relevant interventions.

If you want to embark on a career to be an Agile coach, our program offers a combination of Agile and OD training. If you are already a coach, our program will broaden your perspectives and coaching ability.

Coaching for Agile Managers – Our program for managers focuses on building  capability  for managers in working building programs for Agile coaches and managers so they can be more effective in their roles., what it takes to be an Agile manager, how to work within values of Agile Manifesto, Balance delivery and teams and to be a facilitative manager.

Trainings and Workshops – Some of our other training programs :

  • Scrum Master Training (non-certified)
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Technical practices (TDD, BDD)

To know more about our services, please write to us