“Goal of Agile transformations is to create “sustainable self organized systems” that deliver value to all the stake holders operating within values defined in Agile Manifesto ( – its about BEING Agile rather than DOING Agile. That is AgileSattva – the essence of Agile.”

Why do organisations find it difficult to change even when everyone swears that its needed?
How come Agile transformations are approached as merely implementation of frameworks rather than looking at needs of the whole system?
 How do people learn to be comfortable in redefined roles and new ways of working that are inevitable in Agile transformations?

Two diverse individuals – one a hard core techie and another an organisation development practitioner – came together to find answers to above questions. Over numerous cups of tea and discussion, we realised that while the language we were using was different, the challenges and intent were same when working with organisations in their transformation efforts.

That got us thinking on what would happen if we brought together the technology, process, structure and people aspects of transformation and the outcome was  System Driven Transformation (SDT) approach to Agile. Through AgileSattva, we bring together our experience of working with organizations for Agile implementation and our understanding of behavioural aspects of organisations for sustainable change.