“System Driven Transformation (SDT)” is our approach to Agile transformations. It keeps centre stage the need of the system* that is seeking change instead of a framework.  

*System can be the smallest team which is implementing Agile or the wider organisation is seeking change.


Just like Test Driven Development (TDD) which is a way of thinking about writing code, System Driven Transformation (SDT) is an approach to thinking about Agile Transformations. Its an approach based on No Framework Agile (NFA).

Know more about our approach

Driving factor for transformation is the goal for the transformation.  This is what the system desires as outcome of Agile transformation. It is formulated by considering current state of the system; challenges the system is facing or the wishes the system has. This defines everything that is done as part of transformation process.

A critical part of defining the goal is diagnosis. It is to understand not just what can be seen – the issues / problems / challenges – which are merely the symptoms – but also to figure out the underlying reasons for these challenges. It involves diagnosis of  technology / process ( current software development process, engineering deficits), structure ( organization / team ), people (leadership, collaboration, capability), culture or strategy ( context for change).

The next step in our approach is to work along with the clients to determine the interventions .There can be many ways to achieve the goal but for us, solutions are guided by the values of Agile manifesto ( and not constrained by existing Agile frameworks. The solution may involve using any of the existing Agile frameworks , or a combination of them. Or, it may also be a unique framework that evolves keeping in view needs of the system. Our interventions also focus on structure and people aspects of transformation so that the change effort is holistic and sustainable.

We would love to hear from you on our approach. If you would like to share your feedback /experiences, do write to us.